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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Tabitha's Review of the last STEAL THIS SHOW:

This past Steal This Show at Connie's Ric Rac was craaaaaaazy! Not only was it Friday the 13th, but it was Valentine's Day Eve. We had sketches by The Pippens, standup comedy by Meg Favreau and Dave Walk, and a very special story from Beverly, the southern middle-aged lady who loves cats.
Here's the Sixth Borough's hijinks, photos courtesy Frank  Tartaglia.

Corey hosted the show, as usual, and he read strange "inspirational messages" from a book written by a stoned hippie. Words to remember, "Are bugs special?" Chew on that.

We were treated to Pat Kelly's famous quiz show at this past show. This time his contestants were a bit more cooperative, perhaps because they were from South Jersey. Pat asked hard-hitting questions like "What is your favorite slang word for vagina?"  The guests didn't go home empty handed, either, they were all rewarded with fantastic dollar store toys.

Tabitha and Nora performed as the musical duo Sava and Songo, Siberian refugee twins. They sang about trains, tacos, and also played a Nancy Sinatra cover. Its almost impossible to tell them apart, they're that alike.

Jason Vorhees kills, and Jason Messina KILLED. This was truly a treat - a rare chance to see the infamous star of Friday the 13th let loose and talk about stuff that irks him. Seinfeld, eat your heart out!

Emily and Micah closed the show with The McGraw Music Machine, performing a new song about tazers (did you know that they are illegal in Philly, but nowhere else?) and a hit song about their cat, Regis, and his shady past. Keep your whiskers clean, boy, and your tail held high.

Thanks to all who came to the show, we had a great time! See you next month!!

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